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Shipping Information

5th May. (Tracking number updates)

Notice about tracking number changes to some orders caught up in the Shianghai / Bejing lockdowns.

The following customers will have a new tracking number sent out over the next few days. These customers had their orders redirected to Changsha Airlines to avoid any further delays. All other orders not on this list are transiting normally.


CX014246176CN´╝ŤFrank Dejesus
CX014246162CN´╝ŤDavid Scherer
CX014246278CN´╝ŤMichael Belanger
CX014246057CN´╝ŤHarold Gatlin
CX014246159CN´╝ŤChad Pennington
CX014246009CN´╝ŤEthan Clair
CX014246281CN´╝ŤRuby Mackey
CX014246180CN´╝ŤChad Pennington
CX014245989CN´╝ŤWeenschester Filsaime
CX014246026CN´╝ŤRichard Savage
CX014246255CN´╝ŤRuby Mackey
CX014249075CN´╝ŤAndrew Kalos
CX014249098CN´╝ŤScott Gregory
CX014249124CN´╝ŤAustin Hale
CX014249138CN´╝ŤMichael Belanger
CX014249141CN´╝ŤRyan Tarver
CX014249155CN´╝ŤPetrina Gray
CX014249172CN´╝ŤAlphonso Mathis
CX014249186CN´╝ŤAlex Alverio
CX014249190CN´╝ŤGale Mckibben
CX014249209CN´╝ŤJonathan Holt
CX014251012CN´╝ŤNarziea Barnes
CX014251026CN´╝ŤGilbert Avila
CX014251030CN´╝ŤJohn Turner
CX014251043CN´╝ŤJudson Cole
CX014251057CN´╝ŤTricia Ogden
CX014251065CN´╝ŤGilbert Avila
CX014251074CN´╝ŤRaymond Banks
CX014251088CN´╝ŤJohn Turner
CX014251091CN´╝ŤCarlos De Leon
CX014251105CN´╝ŤMckayla Dunagin
CX014251114CN´╝ŤBlake Russell
CX014251128CN´╝ŤDana Edwards
CX014251131CN´╝ŤMike H. Reed
CX014251145CN´╝ŤAndrew Kalos
CX014251159CN´╝ŤMike H. Reed
CX014253968CN´╝ŤNarziea Barnes
CX014253985CN´╝ŤWilliam M Hacker
CX014254005CN´╝ŤTEENA Rodriguez

CX014255875CN´╝ŤAlex Elia
CX014246012CN´╝ŤKeyshawn Gray
CX014246264CN´╝ŤEfrain Fernandez

CX014246202CN; John Pierce

CX014245992CN´╝ŤJavier Serrano


1st of February - Back to business as usual. Shipping times are back on schedule.

This last week or so things have been getting back to normal again. The January backlogs are cleared. So, expect orders to be with you and transiting on schedule again. Most countries have eased holds on imports. Normal shipping times are now available.


3rd January 2022.

As the Omicron situation increases once again, many Countries are holding packages at the airports of entry. Some countries have lesser flights entering the countries due to restrictions. The UK, US EU are especially holding for long periods of time as they release the backlogs slowly. If your country is one restricting flights; there will be less cargo planes entering. Your order will definitely be arriving. Thank you for your patience.


15/12/21 Latest Shipping courier service update.

Thankfully - This last week or so things have been getting back to normal again. So, expect your order to be with you sooner rather than later. If you ordered after 5th December; your order will be transiting normally.

Orders placed in october and November were badly affected by holds.

We found out that over 400 orders dispatched around mid october to mid November had a hold as the origin governments started a panic again over this new Omicron variant. They had to risk assess all imports and exports at every destination. All countries experienced this assessment, there were no exemptions.

If you ordered during that time period, and are wondering where your order is; that is the reason. We apologise for any inconvenience, it was out of our control.


Polite notice 25/11/21

Due to the current disruptions to global shipping, a number of our products are unfortunately delayed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We're doing all we can to provide clarity on expected availability dates, but these are subject to change. Dates will vary by region.


Current Lead Times: Updated April 10th 2021

Although the shipping times are improving, orders may have a 10-15 day delay from the times listed below due to COVID-19. Many countries are still not back to normal, but slowly improving globally. We are doing our absolute best to get all shipments delivered ASAP. As you are aware this is out of our control. Thank you in advance for your understanding, we appreciate your patience & cooperation!

Production Time Shipping Time
Standard Shipping 5-7 Days - 10 days During busy periods 14-28 Days
Express Shipping 3-5 Days - 8 days during busy periods 8-15 Days


Customers from the USA. Please refer to the chart above for shipping times. Most orders will arrive faster than the times listed. However, there is a possibility shipment gets delayed due to the latest Omicron situation. This does not happen often and the shipping times above are the most updated lead times at the moment. But you must be aware there is holds that can happen unexpectedly.

Customers in the UK & Europe should expect their order to arrive within 14-30 days but it may take as longer depending on how customs and couriers are dealing with the Omicron situation. This time can vary due to customs & recent complications with COVID-19. 

All customers will receive a tracking number within the first 7 days of their order normally (this will be after production is completed and the order is on its way to you). This may take upto 10 days.

Please note, tracking numbers will take about 2-5 days to update once they are sent to you. You will recieve your tracking number after production is complete.

We are a U.S and UK based company. That is where the design takes place. However, production for our products is done in the Netherlands, Malaysia, & China at our international facilities.

Fraudulent claims prevention
Lushfix will not be held responsible for any shipments marked as delivered by the courier whatsoever. If a parcel has been marked as delivered for whatever reason, Lushfix considers the order commitment fulfilled, and will not be testified. This is our policy to tackle fraudulent claims. No refunds or replacement orders will be sent if the delivery is marked as delivered to the correct address on the order number file.

If you have any questions regarding an order you placed or if you have questions prior to ordering, please email us at Our team is standing by to assist you!



A Polite Notice To Any Competitor Saboteurs Wishing To Harm Our Company Unnecessarily.

We have algorithms in place to protect our company's integrity. They search the internet automatically for any deformation of character attempts and report them to us within 24ÔÇô48 hours.

Defamation of character shall not be tolerated whatsoever within this company. This is a well-respected company, and this should be classed as totally unacceptable behaviour while we have such amazing support in place to offer all our customers.

We will issue a defamation of character letter to the address of the defendant, and court proceedings will follow with fines of up to, or exceeding £5000. 

Our support team is fantastic. There is absolutely no reason to use deception of character against our company, unless you are a saboteur or an internet troll. 

If a refund has been issued but the customer continues to behave in this manner, they will be treated as saboteurs, and court proceedings will follow. 

An unnecessary defamation of character includes but is not limited to:

1. Extraneous social media posts on any platform.

2. Submissions to any other online review platform that aren't absolutely necessary.

3. A refund was issued, but the saboteur is intent on making a bad review.

4. We have replaced any issues with fitting, but a bad review is still made.

5. Complaints about courier services: We are not responsible for the way courier services conduct their business. 

6. Abuse of our support staff and slanderous words are used in correspondence with our support team.

7. The saboteur did not read the information provided; the information regarding shipping, tracking numbers from couriers, place of origin, and other important information is clear for all to see. It is the customer's responsibility to read the information provided.

We take character defamation very seriously, and it will be dealt with as such.These measures are in place to protect our company from competitor attacks, fraudulent reviews and posts, and also to protect our well-respected family company reputation.

Our head of the legal team is Gareth Jenkins. Contact details -

He will be informed by management of any issues relating to the deformation of our company, legal action WILL follow at your local jurisdiction in all cases. A local legal firm in the defendant's area shall be contacted with our full reports, before court proceedings follow.


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