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Non Affiliated Sites

A polite notice.

In accordance with section 512(g)(2)(c) of the US Copyright Act

All content on this site is the intellectual property of Lushfix. Our site is protected and copyrighted for protection. If ours or our copyright protector algorithms detect any websites have stolen our content, we will issue a website takedown authorization to the 3rd party domain registry of the offending website, and court proceedings will also follow with fines of up to $50,000. 

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. 5 minutes of reading could save you a lot of time and money going to waste.

Be aware - We have a nickname for them 'Carmat crooks'

We are well aware of other websites using our content and pictures, selling similar mats under a different name. The material Quality, colour & measurements, is not Lushfix standard, therefore can also be dangerous.

This is not the standard of Lushfix and you should avoid at all costs, You will be a victim if you use these sites. We are working along side Facebook and others to combat this. 

Signs that you are on a untrustworthy website -

They have copied content, images or other from our site; This can be copied images, badges, pages, or anything at all. If they have similar content to our website whatsoever, you may be on an untrustworthy site. It is that simple!

If the sites or support say they are produced in China alone then you must avoid them. This is not the case, only the stitching is done at the Chinese Facilities, then shipped. None of these mats are mat or produced in the UK US or other western countries.

If they say made in the US or UK . This is also nonesense and you must leave their site Immediately. To make these mats in the UK or US would mean a price tag of £250+ per set. We tried this many years ago before finding our current suppliers. We make in Asia to give our customers the best possible price without losing any quality whatsoever. I have done my homework for 10 years. I know these mats and all models like the back of my hand.

In reality what will happen if you purchase from these sites is a production time of up to 2 weeks and a total shipping time of 5 weeks. And of course when your order arrives it will be very poor quality and a terrible fit.

For branded (Model) logos;  cannot be put on any Lushfix mats without the permission from the interllecual property owner. If the website is offering logos; this is another good sign they are corrupt. Any product with a brand logo will be seized at customs,.

Again, similar sites do not know this and offer to sell them to get the most profit from a single transaction - This is another big red flag.

You will be a victim if you use these sites. Please report all suspicious activity you see to us , and also your government authority, Facebook, Instagram, and any other relevant platforms.

You have been warned of these sites, do they tick all or some of these signs? = Avoid!

See below some of the terrible fittings and bad quality you will expect to receive if you fall victim to these Carmat crooks.




They look amazing sites, but this is an example of what you will receive from these websites. If you want a Lushfix, you must not fall victim to this. Be vigilant,


If you find yourself on such a website but are unsure, please contact support. We will give you more information about them , good or bad.

There are extremely good looking websites that look very professional and built well, who are using similar products at a much higher price. Please use the steps above to sniff them out. We cannot eliminate this problem, but we can make our Lushfix customers aware of these carmat crooks at least. 

Best regards, 

Pete Wool Lushfix CEO

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