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How to Order

You can order Lushfix Car Mats in just 3 Simple Steps

1. Select your preferred Color

2. Enter Vehicle Details

3. Confirm your Order

1. Select Color 

Pick your color from our selected options. We have studied car interiors for many years, these colors suit most vehicle interiors available on the market today. From standard Black to bold Purple, our floor mats will match your vehicle interior and style.

2. Enter Car Details

Select your car details on the product page, we receive these details with your order and make the correct car mats for your vehicle using special 3D computer measurements to ensure perfect fit, coverage and luxurious looks. If we require additional details, the production team will be in touch over email to ensure the correct product is delivered for your vehicle. However, confirm your details via support or in the notes section ( see paragraph 3 )

  • Car Make: Car Manufacturer e.g Audi, Acura, Mercedes, Ferrari etc
  • Car Model: Model of the Car e.g A2, A3, S3, or whatever your model maybe etc
  • Car Year: Model Year of the Car 2016, 2017 etc
  • Car Shape / Body Shape: Shape of Vehicle - use google to be sure if required.
  • Choose Seats in your Vehicle: 5,6,7,8 seats
  • Right Hand Drive: Choose whether steering is on right side or left side. Only for vehicles sold in United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Oceania, India, parts of Africa that have the steering wheel on the Right Hand Side.

3. Confirm your Order

You are almost set for registering your order.

  • Quantity: You can update number of sets. Make sure to update your shopping cart after any change in quantity.
  • Special Instructions For seller: You can fill this field if you have some special instructions regarding your order
  • Select Country: Choose your country of residence
  • Zip Code: Enter Postal Code
  • Proceed to checkout: After filling all the details, click on Checkout.

The customer is responsible for entering their shipping address correctly. 

That's it! Sit back and we'll deliver a Lushfix direct to your door !

If you have any extra details about your vehicle there is a notes to seller section on the payment page. Enter extra notes easily, or contact support after your order confirmation is sent to confirm your exact details If other than standard. The customer is responsible for entering their vehicle details correctly in all circumstances. 

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