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Welcome to LUSHFIX

LUSHFIX has been specializing in custom car interiors since the turn of the century. Our state of the art laser measuring systems enables our mats to cover your entire floor with precision. Lushfix Mats will totally transform the look and feel of your car. We aim to give our customers a stylish new look that everyone can afford.

The Pinnacle Of Custom Engineering

Soft comfortable padded Eco leather allows for a stress free driving experience. Not only do they look great, they are made to last! Non-Slip coated noise insulating fabric and 5D computer laser guided for a precise floor fit guaranteed.

Tailor Made For You

Our team have sourced 3D data of over 2000 different vehicles. Our state of the art laser measuring system enables our mats to cover your entire floor with near perfect results. Gone are the days of boring or poor quality universal mats. You tell us your vehicle, our team tailors the mats JUST FOR YOU.

Benefits of LUSHFIX Car Mats

Super Easy to Clean

Cleaning your LUSHFIX mats could not be simpler. Easily clean your mats using a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. Alternatively, for a more thorough clean the mats can be easily removed & re installed in under 5 minutes.

Precision Coverage

We have a database of all the specifications for each vehicle on the road today, supplied by the car manufacturer. This knowledge ensures we supply 360° all round coverage for your vehicle.

Built To Last

LUSHFIX floor mats are built to withstand all the elements. Maintenance of the mats could not be easier. Stains, dirt, salt and road chemicals never penetrate the mat. WaterStop technology and Stain Free coating for ultimate floor protection.

Strong & Durable

LUSHFIX mats are made from Highly durable materials. Our car mats are proven to last 10 times longer than traditional fabric mats. Only top quality materials have been selected during the design process, ensuring we have the most durable floor coverage on the market today.

Protect your Investment

LUSHFIX car mats will undoubtedly add value to your vehicle. Our mats will Protect your original interior, when the time comes to sell the added value will ensure you get what your vehicle is worth.

Super Simple Installation

The installation of LUSHFIX mats will take no longer than 5 minutes. No tools will be required for the installation or removal process when cleaning. Please refer to our How To Install video.

5D Laser Cut With Precision And Supreme Quality Assured

LUSHFIX Collection

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25% Off Limited Time Only - Enter code 'Black25' at checkout. Luxurious Custom Made Interior Flooring. Fill In your Vehicle Details And We'll Deliver A Lushfix Direct To Your Door....
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Luxurious Boot/Trunk Mat. Custom-made to match your full set.  Fill In your Vehicle Details And We'll Deliver A Lushfix Direct To Your Door
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Lushfix 2 Seats Only / 2 Seater Vehicles / (front row only)

Luxurious Custom Made Interior Flooring. Fill In your Vehicle Details And We'll Deliver A Lushfix Direct To Your Door.

Why Choose Us?

Top Quality & Value For Money

We truly believe our Car mats are the best quality on the market today. Please be aware of companies marketing the same product for a much lower price. The quality will not be the Same as ours. READ OUR COUNTERFEIT WARNING IN THE MAIN MENU!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our set is made to order according to your vehicle selection using special 5D computer measurements to ensure perfect fit and coverage. If you have any issues or concerns with your order, do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help

One Year Warranty

LUSHFIX mats are covered by a 1 year warranty, This does not include general wear and tear or Misuse.

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